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Ante Up, gang!

Presenting, Fluff Shuffled, a collaborative parody card deck drawn by some of your favorite artists featuring a multitude of anthro characters we all know and love, (and some you'll soon learn to~!)

Featuring the fabulous art stylings of-

The ticklemaster, Caroohttps://twitter.com/caroo_artist
The Yoshi Main himself, KomDoghttps://twitter.com/KomDogArt
Creator and artist behind Dungeon Tail, OmegaOzonehttps://twitter.com/OzoneBoneZone
yours truly, fuzz-artist Fristhttps://twitter.com/FristART
The punkiest boi around, PunkPegasus - https://twitter.com/PunkPegaAD
Plot provider extraordinaire, Selenophile - https://twitter.com/SelenophileNSFW
Our multitalented artist, graphic designer and card back and boxart lead, TRPCWings -https://www.furaffinity.net/user/trpcafterdark/
The ever-enthusiastic Balderdash - https://www.furaffinity.net/user/oddsboddikins/
Our Dragon, Hyena, and Raichu dealer all-in-one, Haiku Oezu - https://twitter.com/Denise_Hyena
Cavalier of cute-porn, FearingFun - https://twitter.com/fearingFun
Everyone's favorite goat-couple, SugaryViolet and Goattrain - 

The hardworking and skilled SugarlessPaints - https://twitter.com/SugarlessPaints
The "Actively sabotaging [his] own life", latchk3y - https://twitter.com/latchk3y
Dealer in smut and nonsense, Skoon - https://twitter.com/CookieSkoon
and the unstoppable phenom that is The-Minuscule-Task - https://twitter.com/MinusculeTask


The ravishing Ralek - https://twitter.com/Ralekarts
and amazing Alfa995! - https://twitter.com/alfa995

Our goal with this deck was to feature not only feature some well known cuties, but to also focus on certain anatomical "pleasure points", and play towards the strengths of our artists!

As a result, each number set has a theme!

Aces - Asses (Naturally~!)
2's - Nipples/Breasts
3's - Ears
4's - Paws (because 4 toebeans)
5's - Anuses (because asterisks have 5 points)
6's - Tums (because abs)
7's - Maws (because muzzles kinda look like the number 7 from the side)
8's - Backs (because torso's carry that 8 shape)
9's - Tails
10's - Ahegaos
Jacks* - Mixed Bag (Balls, Neck, Triceps, Shoulder)
Queens - Vaginas
Kings - Dicks
Jokers - Palms full of cum/vaginal fluids
(Low Joker - Middle Finger
High Joker - Peace Sign)

*While working on the project, there were a few body parts we had in mind that we didn't have enough room to dedicate an entire card set to, so you can call this set our "Jacks of all Trades"!

As for all the characters featured in the deck, we'll let you see for yourself, though the screenshots section on the side and the official twitter account should give you a good look at everyone present~!

The art pack itself includes all the art of the cards, sans the numbers and symbols, so you can see it all crystal clearly without interruption, as well as a few PSD's some card WIPS, and some tasty edits of a few for you ;3!

Since we need to raise funds for production and shipping, we'll soon be taking bids for -CUSTOM CARD REWARDS-.

  • There will be 7 slots available to 7 of the highest bidders/supporters who will get a card of their OC/a valid furry character of their choice drawn by one of us 6 willing artists (Frist, PunkPegasus, SugaryViolet, Haiku Oezu,The-Minuscule-Task, Skoon, or Balderdash999).
  • Suit/body part of their choice keeping in theme with the deck, and we'll ship it to them. It'll be their own official Fluff Shuffled Card that can be swapped in and out of their own deck.

  • This bidding will be carried out separately on a YCH site, and we will post on the official twitter (@fluffshuffled) when we open the auction, so purchases here DO NOT count towards this reward.

As of right now, we expect to ship early April of 2020 if all goes accordingly.

We also expect to have decks available for in-person pick-up and/or purchase at the following conventions:

TrotCon 2020
and most of all, AnthroCon 2020

These may also be pre-ordered in the purchase section!

We shall keep you posted!

Stay updated on the official twitter:


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us on twitter, or contact the project lead, Frist:

Email: frist16@yahoo.com

ALSO, once you've had a chance to look through all the art, or once your deck arrives in the mail, please leave us your feedback here in our customer survey! We always appreciate your thoughts!


But for now, we hope you'll enjoy~!

And don't be afraid to go all in ~;3!

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