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*GASP* DON'T LOOK!! Or do~! Get an eyeful of our first ever exposure set!

It's a parody Colorful Equine ENF/Exhibitionism/Public Nudity themed art pack featuring 28 artists and 71 unique naughty nudie pics for your pleasure including standard 2D images, some comic pages, some image sets, 3D rendered images,  AND a 3D Animation!! Scandalous~!

More than just bare, but embarrassed, exposed, out in the open, humiliated, casual, and all that good "in the buff" content!

We see you staring~!

Peephole edition has 35 pieces included. Full Exposure Edition (FExE) has -all- of the content included in Peephole Edition (PHE) -and more-!  Only $10 more for more than twice the content (71 pieces)! Which pieces are in what version will be specified below!

Full Disclosure of artists and ships included in both versions below, for you guys' convenience-

It's mostly anthro, so unless we specify that it's pony, assume the image is anthro.

Spoilers if you wanna save the ships for a surprise, but the pack includes:

  • Ash with a Mr. and Mrs. Cake piece, plus a Celebrity Pony Orgy and a Confidence Seminar in Full Exposure Edition
  • The-Minuscule-Task with a GildaStream piece, and a FlutterCora piece in FExE
  • B.B. and Ruef collabbing on a HarshWhinny image set; 2 pages available in PHE, all 4 pages in FExE
  • Frist with a Discord piece (Pony) and a Twilight piece, plus a piece with the Dazzlings and a piece with RD in FExE
  • Boiler3 (A.K.A. Hobbes Maxwell) with an RD comic, 4 pages in Peephole Edition, all 7 in FExE
  • Futaku with a Fleur de Lis piece, PLUS an additional image set piece in FExE
  • Zajice with an aged-up Babs piece, plus a Coloratura (pony) piece in FExE
  • Forsaken with a 3D Flutters piece, plus a 3D FlitterChaser piece and a TreeShy piece in FExE
  • BlueCoffeeDog with a Pinkie piece, plus a DerpyDoctor piece in FExE
  • MarsMiner with a Coco(Pony) piece, a Fine Line piece, plus an Azure Velor piece AND our very Smolder Cover in FExE
  • mlpfwb with a Cadance piece, plus a Queen Chrissy piece in FExE
  • StrangerDanger with a CupCake piece plus a Carrot Top piece in FExE
  • ZwitterKitsune with a Queen Umbra piece, plus a Celestia piece in FExE
  • AaronDrawsArts with a PonkShy and  a LyraBon, plus an Ember comic page and a SunBurst comic page in FExE
  • WeLost with a Daring Do (pony) Piece, plus an AppleDash piece in FExE
  • REDXBACON with a ShiningFlash piece, plus a Derpy piece in FExE 
  • goshhhh with a Rarity piece, plus a ShadowDash Piece and the rest of the Mane 6 in FExE
  • CDV with a 3D TrixieMarble animation, plus an additional 3D Marble piece in FExE
  • ColdBlooded Twilight with our Berry cover, an Octavia piece, plus a 2nd page of the image set in FExE
  • Toonbat with aYonaStream piece, plus a MarbleLimeTrixie piece in FExE
  •  Circe and KittySusan collabbing on a StarTwi piece, plus a 2 page Sunset comic in FExE
  •  PunkPegasus with a SpikeMac piece, plus an additional page of it in FExE
  • BreezieType with a SugarMac, plus a Starlight piece in FExE
  • DimWitDog with a 2 page TempMac image set, plus an additional page in FExE
  • OmegaOzone with a BraePonk piece, plus a Moon Dancer piece in FExE
  • and MysticAlpha with a Luna piece, plus a Celestia piece in FExE


Once you're done looking through, tell us what you thought! Fill out our feedback survey here!


And don't hold back, we appreciate your honesty, and we can handle criticism. We want to make the next pack and those going forward more enjoyable and worth your while.

Sometimes itch.io is finniky. If you don't get a download page, contact @FristART on Twitter. - https://twitter.com/FristART

We hope you enjoy! And stay safe during the pandemic, you guys. (Settle for being naked in your own homes for all our sakes <3!)

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All aged up, correct?


Your mom didn't ask me if I was aged up.


Yooo! MLPFWB came back strong! I always loved MLPFWB!