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UPDATE: A few edits and extras by SugarlessPaints and ASH mistakenly left out have been added as of 10:32 EST, Apr. 11th 2022!

got milk?

If not, we got it here for ya!!

It's a parody Colorful Equine Milk themed art pack! Girl milk AND guy milk! Featuring 20 artists and 50+ unique milky pics for your pleasure including standard 2D images, some comic pages, some image sets, 3D rendered images,  AND a 3D Animation!! Fulla Vitamin D~!

Great for all kinds of bones~!

Skim Milk Edition (SME) has 26 pieces included. Whole Milk Edition (WME) has -all- of the content included in SME -and more-! (54 pieces)! Which pieces are in what version will be specified below! If not specified to be in WME, it's included in SME.

Full Disclosure of artists and ships included in both versions below, for you guys' convenience-

It's mostly anthro, so unless we specify that it's pony, assume the image is anthro.

Spoilers if you wanna save the ships for a surprise, but the pack includes:

  • Ash with a Mr. and Mrs. Shy piece and a PinkieDash comic, plus a DiscoShy piece and a Wonderblts piece in Whole Milk Edition
  • Marikazemus with a Zecora piece, plus the AppleJack Cover, and two more Zecora pieces including Spike in WME.
  • Antonio Sketches with a Cadance piece, plus a Pipp Petals piece in WME.

  • Frist with a Milky Way (Pony) piece, plus a SpikeVelvet (Pony) piece in WME.

  • Dibujito with a Trixie (Pony) piece, plus a Pinkie (Pony) piece for WME.

  • Futaku with a Spoiled+(aged-up)Tiara piece , PLUS a follow up milk machine piece in WME.

  • Moonseeker with a Princest piece and a BrightPear piece, plus an (Aged-Up) CMC piece and RariJack piece for WME. (All Pony)
  • Forsaken with 2 3D Flutters pieces, plus two follow-ups in WME.

  • Artsy Madraw with an AJ piece and a Derpy Comic (Hyper), plus a hyper (older) Ocel+Pinkie piece (hyper) and a Flutter piece in WME.

  • FlashEquestria with a Carrot Top piece, plus a Button Mash (Male Lactation) piece in WME.

  • Kennzeichen with a Fleur De Lis piece, plus a follow-up and a Stellar Flare piece in WME.

  • Melvelvin with a 3D AJ piece plus a 3D TwiLuna animation in WME.

  • Chowdie with a Luna piece, plus a BraeMac piece in WME.

  • Longinius with a RariCow (pony) piece plus a Celestia piece in WME.

  • Sugarless Paints with a Flutters milk machine piece plus a Celestia Milk Machine piece (Pony) in WME.

  • Dovecake with a Queen Chrissy piece, plus a Cadance piece in WME.

  • PoneBoner with a TwiFlutterPonk Comic/Image set and the RD SME Cover, plus a Raricow piece (Pony) and a Mane 6 piece, and in WME.

  • Crazy Water with a Sweet Biscuit Milk Machine piece (Pony), plus a Derpy piece (Pony) in WME.

  • Dufel with a Trixie piece (Pony), plus a RariShy+Aloe&Lotus Spa piece (Pony) in WME.

  • and BreezieType with a LyraBon (half-pony) piece, plus a SphinxNambula piece for WME.


Once you're done looking through, tell us what you thought! Fill out our feedback survey here!


And don't hold back, we appreciate your honesty, and we can handle criticism. We want to make the next pack and those going forward more enjoyable and worth your while.

Sometimes itch.io is finniky. If you don't get a download page, contact @FristART on Twitter. - https://twitter.com/FristART

We hope you enjoy! Get your daily dose in!

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