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EDIT: We're aware of the swatches on Fearing's final page, we're fixing it ASAP! Sorry bout hat >.<!! Wouldn't be an art pack w/o a few mistakes huh? We've added a page fix avail for download if you'd rather not re-download the whole pack.

A thiiiiird pack you say? WELL, OKAY THEN!

A parody Colorful Equine Heat/Estrus themed art pack featuring 13 Artists and 45+ Pieces of content spanning across digital drawings, an image set, animations and comics!! Heating up a bit after a long winter~!

Standard Edition and Extra Hot Edition available!

We made one with all main images in the same folder, but also made one organized by artist for those of you who like your pics that way. You'll get to choose.

Full Disclosure of artists and ships included in both versions below, since you guys requested!

Spoilers if you wanna save the ships for a surprise, but the pack includes:

  • Caboni32 with 2 Images (RaraCoco), and in Extra Hot Edition, sketches, and timelapse videos thereof!
  • FearingFun with a 6 Page aged up Flurry  comic and a Bonus Image with she, Pound and Pumpkin, all aged up.
  • Kyokimute with a 4 Page Chryssi (As Big Mac) and AJ Comic with a little bit of Sparkle, Velvet, and Glimmer mixed in.
  • Bender Watt (whateverbender) with an ANTHRO RaraMac Animation with textless edits in Extra Hot edition!
  • Frist with a 6 page BurstDancer comic, and a bonus epilogue image in Extra Hot!
  • B.B. with a 4 page Dash+Bolts Image Set!
  • Boiler3, A.K.A. “Hobbes Maxwell” with a Pinkie Image, a Luna Image, and a TreeHgr Img, all with edits in Extra Hot!
  • StrangerDanger with an ANTHRO SpitBolts img and an ANTHRO BurntMayor Img.
  • Etya with a Fizzle Comic Page with an accompanying animation!
  • mlpfwb with a 4 page Trixie Comic, and the AJ cover!
  • ColdBlooded Twilight with 3 pages of NurseMac!
  • Kribbles with 2 AloeLotus Images with edits in Extra Hot!
  • and Krypt with a 7 pg SplitMac GAY comic!

Other Additional Extras in Extra hot include sketches and some unfinished work as well!

And once you're done looking through, tell us what you thought! Fill out our feedback survey here!


And don't hold back, we appreciate your honesty, and we can handle criticism. We want to make the next pack and those going forward more enjoyable and worth your while.

We hope you enjoy! And let us know, if it's hot enough for ya ;3~!

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Fearing P6 (FIXED).png 3.3 MB
Bucking Season Standard Edition - All Images.rar 397 MB
Bucking Season Standard Edition - Organized by Artist.rar 401 MB
Bucking Season Extra Hot Edition - All Images.rar 704 MB
Bucking Season Extra Hot Edition - Organized by Artist.rar 707 MB


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Oh! My little pony!

Oh boy i'm excited to check this out!

Edit: That is not MLP.


Hello, I posted on my blog the art taken under the link http://pornreactor.cc/post/3438536 As you can see, the work is freely available. However, I wrote one person and said that this work from the paid pack and indicated a link to you. Confirm, are you the author of this work and how do you feel about the fact that I posted a job on my blog?

Deleted 356 days ago

Hey there! We can refund the old purchase if you buy the extra edition beforehand.