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Are furries horny? Exhibitionists? Prone to wardrobe malfunctions? Nonchalant about nudity altogether?? We've got the evidence compiled HERE!

EDIT: Sporty Tanuki card slight fix!

A collaborative parody Censorship Themed card deck drawn by some of your favorite artists featuring a multitude of anthro characters we all know and love, (and some you'll soon learn to~!)

Featuring the private eyes and art stylings of-

WITH SPECIAL GUESTS of the Naked Penny Team -

This time around, we went for the aforementioned theme of Censorship Fun!

As a result, each suit follows as such--

  • ♤ - Superimposed Censor (Symbols, Censor Bars, etc.)
  • ♡ - Personal Covering (arms/tails/limbs/objects in possession, etc.)
  • ♧ - Convenient Censorship (Objects in foreground, intense light, etc.)
  • ◇ - Blur Censor (Mosaic, Liquefy, out of focus, distortion, etc.)
  • Low Joker - Null
  • High Joker - Full Nakey

And hey, if you like this format, or just enjoy censorship fun, try drawing your character(s) in said styles! Here's a template for you to fill out yourself, or to commission an artist to! We've included the full res version in the Digital Download as well!


As for all the characters featured in the deck, we'll let you see for yourself, though the screenshots section on the side and the official twitter account (@FluffShuffled) should give you a good look at everyone present~! 

The art pack itself includes Uncensored versions of many (but not all) of the cards, clean versions sans the numbers and symbols, so you can see it all crystal clearly without interruption, as well as a few scrapped card concepts and a few edits! Not to mention ONE ESPECIALLY UNCENSORED card by Sug that you should DEFINITELY look forward to in the Physical edition ;3.

We are currently raising funds for production, so all deck purchases will be considered pre-orders and will be fulfilled ASAP. We will keep you updated on the status of it on the official Twitter.

As of right now, we expect to ship early June of 2023 if all goes accordingly.

We also expect to have decks available for in-person pick-up and/or purchase at many conventions going forward, so keep an eye on the Twitter

We shall keep you posted!

When purchasing a physical deck, be sure to include your shipping address so we know where to send it!

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us on twitter, or contact the project lead, Frist:

Email: frist16@yahoo.com

ALSO, once you've had a chance to look through all the art, or once your deck arrives in the mail, please leave us your feedback here in our customer survey! We always appreciate your thoughts!


But for now, we hope you'll enjoy~!

The data files are now in YOUR HANDS! Help us solve this case!

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This would be great if you had separate male and female decks. Also a LOT of fanart is a tad risky.