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EDIT:  Forgot a file of Futaku's there, there, SORRY!! Should be in there now if you re-download!

Somebody ask fror a refill? Aww yeah, a kink so nice, we drew it twice!

Once again, a parody Colorful Equine Watersports themed art pack featuring 13 artists and 35 Unique Pee-filled pics for your entertainment including standard 2D images, 3D rendered images, and Image Sets!! One more splash before the summers out~!

YEP, it's that one kink you have that more people than you think are totally into, but waaaay too shy bashful to tell~!

Don't worry, our lips are sealed~ ;3! 

We made one with all main images in the same folder, but also made one organized by artist for those of you who like your pics that way. You'll get to choose.

Full Disclosure of artists and ships included in both versions below, for you guys' convenience-

Spoilers if you wanna save the ships for a surprise, but the pack includes:

  • RatofDrawn with a solo Kerfuffle and a solo Cherry Jubilee piece.
  • REDXBACON with a Limestone and a Marble Pie piece.
  • The-Minuscule-Task with a Colgate, an Autum Blaze piece, and Silverstream for the cover, all anthro.
  • Frist with a CopperPunch image set,  a Coloratura +Friends piece, and an anthro Grace Manewitz piece.
  • PedalsPony with an anthro Chrissy, an anthro Gleaming Shield, and a LyraBon.
  • Futaku with an anthro LyraBon and an anthro Blossomforth.
  • FearingFun with an anthro Babs Seed, and a RumbleLane piece.
  • Forsaken with 4 anthro 3D pieces with PonkShyDash, Solo Fluttershy, ScootaBloom, and a Berry Punch.
  • Selenophile with a Twilight Shine piece, a FlitterChaser, and a JackBloom pic.
  • Mittsies with a Pinkie Pie, a Rarity, and a Sweetie Belle.
  • Element with a Roseluck, an Octavia, a CMC piece, and a Nurse Redheart pic.
  • Skuttz with a Lunestia piece, and a RariShy image set.
  • and Skoon with an anthro Wallflower Blush, a FlutterPunch, and a StarTrix piece!

 Once you're done looking through, tell us what you thought! Fill out our feedback survey here!


And don't hold back, we appreciate your honesty, and we can handle criticism. We want to make the next pack and those going forward more enjoyable and worth your while.

Sometimes itch.io is finniky. If you don't get a download page, contact @FristART on Twitter. - https://twitter.com/FristART

We hope you enjoy! And stay well hydrated, you naughty sexies~!

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