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Welcome, you kinky fuckers~!

This is a -Mixed Bag-. Little something hitting all bases. It's in its experimental stage, so think of it as a pack EP. In the future, we want to do focused fetish packs for particular ones as opposed to a Trail-Mix format.

You may be wary because you don't want to see anything that's a big NO for you. Well, rest assured, the pack will have organized isolated folders for each featured kink with Safe Thumbnails in each folder so you don't have to experience any squick <3!

This is a  parody project a few of us have been planning for a while, and it's the legit delivery on what was once an April Fools joke. Know that this one's no joke :B!

EDIT: The pack contains a snippet and sample of each kink, 1 per distinct kink (2 vore images and 3 forced fem images in sequence.)

Kinks and Artists included are:

  • @fristart - Watersports - (Caution: Sexy when wet.)
  • and
  • Paw Fetish - (Toe Beans!!)
  • @candyclops - Cuckolding - (You cucks..)
  • @stunnerpone - Cumflation - (FULLY LOADED)
  • @kit-bash-art - Scat - (OH, SHIT!!)
  • @fearingfun - Rape/Bondage - (All wrapped up and NOT ready to go!!)
  • and Bloodplay - (For an extra dose of Iron.)
  • @kyokimute - Amputee - (Not to go out on a limb..)
  • and Branding - (And not product placement mind you)
  • @tails-from-the-krypt - Forced Fem - (To get in touch with your feminine side)
  • @ralek-arts - Genital Mutilation - (Not like you were using that anyway)
  • @ratios-pony-art-place - Diaper - (In case of accidents)
  • @acesentialsketches - Transformation - (Because it's Morphin' Time!)
  • @ponythroat - Voraphilia (We could just eat you up~!) *

EDIT: 17 distinct images total + edits of Paw, Scat, Fearing's extra vore image, Amputee, and diaper.

*Ponythroat's image will be delayed and available for download once it's finished.

*Ponythroat's image has since been added to the full pack. The external download is for those who brought the first pack release batch with it missing. Just download the full pack alone if you're just purchasing now.

You were warned~!

And once you're done looking through, tell us what you thought! Fill out our feedback survey here!


And don't hold back, we appreciate your honesty, and we can handle criticism. We want to make the next pack and those going forward more enjoyable and worth your while.

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Should be more in the pack

I expected much more then a couple of images in every category for such a price. I would like to discuss with seller. Will it be updated by this "focused packs" here?

Hey there! We understand your concern and we have a feedback survey you ca fill out here - https://goo.gl/forms/5b2w1xbihwYeTEFI3 but if you'd like to talk to one of us directly, feel free to contact me on tumblr (frist--xvi.tumblr.com).

Not quite sure what you mean by updated, but the pack's going forward will be provided by the same account

Thank you for your reply and explanations. I'm sorry, English is not my first language. It seems like I didn't get the project's description. I'll try to contact you on tumblr.

It's like you are asking everyone shove this in Hasbro's face so they can take you to court.